Sleepless Night Fever; Fun with Food; Bookhauling

You know that clause in old Sod’s Law that dictates when you have loads of important things to do, you’re too tired to get them done, but when you try to sleep you can’t?

Yeah, that. That all over.

I did already know sleep was going to be at a bit of a premium this month. With the F1 calendar moving from Malaysia to Japan and the new Formula E season getting underway in Hong Kong this weekend, I’ve had to come to terms with running on a worst-of-both-worlds hybrid of British and East Asian time.Practice Sessions. Jean-Eric Vergne (FRA), DS Virgin Racing DSV-01. London e-Prix, Battersea, London, United Kingdom. Saturday 2 July 2016 Photo: Adam Warner / LAT / FE ref: Digital Image _L5R1303

But the early morning races wouldn’t be such a problem if they didn’t come with so many articles to try and fit in alongside everything else throughout the day. As well as the usual race reports, this is also the time of year when pretty much all the major motoring news comes out of the woodwork; from Formula E alone, this last fortnight has seen calendar changes, track unveilings and two new manufacturers enter the sport. I can’t actually remember the last time I didn’t to sleep after midnight, after hours spent whittling away at a to-do list that had trebled in size since the morning.

(It doesn’t help either that my cat has been restless as anything lately. She’s settled into an infuriating routine of sleeping through the entire day, then waking up just as I go to bed and haring around the house looking for things to play with.)

But the upside to all this faraway racing is that it gives me an excuse to do some more adventurous cooking. Last Sunday for the Malaysian Grand Prix I made murtabak for lunch, a kind of unleavened bread parcel cooked like a pancake and filled with onions and mince meat (I obviously used fake soya mince). Not sure what I’ll try for Japan this Sunday; perhaps some kind of udon noodle soup, rather than the usual half-arsed teriyaki.

In other news, I’ve completely smashed my recent self-imposed embargo on buying more books than I can either afford or fit in my house. I’ve really been trying to rein in unnecessary spending lately – especially as my status of perpetual unemployment doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon – but then Amazon ran a paperback promotion, and I was passing by Oxfam Books, and one thing led to another until…Honestly, I don’t know how I expected myself to refrain from adding so much as a single new book to my pitifully sagging shelves. In my defence, a few of the books I bought were for my Booktrotting challenge, and the rest… Well, I just wanted them, I guess. Shoot me.


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